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What is Smart Boss?

Smart Boss is a Smart-Touchless-Attendance system that provides accurate attendance information. Smart Boss uses GPS based activation system. Smart Boss allows user to have freedom in sign in and sign out abilities. This means when your employees mark their attendance, they can do so only when they are in office. Once they are inside the premise, the app allows them to sign in, otherwise this App disables sign in ability.

Smart Boss Attendance System allows businesses to manage and track the hours worked at base and remote locations or job sites. Smart Boss is reliable, flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use and eliminates errors, deceptions and the need for paperwork and storage. Every Organization has a specific location, which is determined by the GPS. The location of an employee can be determined by Smart Boss.

Adapting to modern technology has proven to be not only effective time management, but also the power to change the way people feel at work.

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Major benefits

1) Saving Time and Money

The best benefit of having Smart Boss App is to maximize the saving on time and effort. The software is made to track your employees’ existing position along with working hours in most accurate fashion using GPS technology. The result is stress-free resource monitoring and a break on unnecessary waste of money.

2) Ensures sheer honesty and transparency

The system built in WiFi attendance is configured exclusively to work only with office Wi-Fi range, which means there is no chance whatsoever for any sort of deceptive tricks like punching on behalf of a colleague. The solution thus fosters the honest and completely transparent attendance system

3) Establishes smooth workflow

With no presence of hassling biometric count and installation cost, WiFi attendance app becomes the much reliable remedy to establishing smooth, hassle-free workflow management.

4) Reduces Errors in Payroll

Employee Payroll activities are of critical value on HR’s desk and that is where Wi-Fi attendance app puts its effect. Since the app tracks working hours perfectly, calculating payoff time and vacation time becomes easier. No time is wasted on time sheet approval and integration of details, which gives clean, flawless payroll services.

5) Fair and square performance appraisal

Accuracy is the major pro from using attendance monitoring app and so is the zero human error. It is feasible for HR personnel to count the days of employee attendance a year. This is an important element to consider at the time of fair performance appraisal.
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Smart Boss provides you cutting edge benefits


Mistakes are common and mistakes create wrong decision making. Even if we provide staff with supporting computer equipment human made mistakes happen. Smart Boss attendance management systems ensure accurate time recording and minimize the inevitable and costly errors associated with manual data entry. As a result, they provide accurate performance and billing data.


automated attendance management systems can help control costs? It saves money by putting an end to timekeeping errors, buddy punches, absenteeism, delays, time abuse and overpayments. In fact, large companies can save money wastage after implementing automated attendance management systems.

Productivity & efficiency increased

Manual attendance monitoring and management can be a time-consuming, tedious and costly task. Processing paper and time sheets, creating schedules, approving leave and overtime, and manually creating pay slips are time-consuming. Free up valuable administrative time with an automated system that does everything for you, from tracking employee hours to automatically importing information into your payroll system. The time and effort saved, combined with the accuracy of the data, allows you to optimize the use of resources, resulting in increased productivity and greater profits.


Do you need a quick overview of all planned and unplanned absences of an employee or group? With just a few clicks you can create accurate reports on hours worked, absences and overtime and receive a monthly summary report for any data/group in the company. Any custom report can be created with the centralized data, improving transparency and visibility across the enterprise. Managers can also use the graphical views of the report to quickly and easily understand attendance data. With an accurate, centralized presence data center, employers can strategically analyze and improve policies related to vacation, working hours, workplace culture, performance, compensation, and more.

Workflow management

An integrated attendance management system can ensure the transparency of all data and facilitate the workflow of payroll, vacation and performance assessment. Notifications/alarms are automated and the manager can immediately approve requests for early departure, overtime, etc. without the need for communication. With just a few clicks, an automated presence management system can help manage schedules, distribute work and track team exchanges. It can also help you forecast workloads, resources and budgets.


In today's global and well-connected environment, you have employees working in the office, at home or in remote locations. A presence management system allows companies to easily track employee working hours using a variety of time tracking options such as smartphones, Internet networks, swipe technology, biometric terminals or desktop readers.

Integration & configuration

You can choose attendance management systems that meet your needs, depending on the type of work and the guidelines. With time and attendance recording and monitoring systems, you can create custom presence policies based on the needs of your organization. You can make individual configurations for each attendance shift, with options for defining attendance cycles, marking and removing rules, holiday deductions and optional leave.

Real-time tracking

Cloud-based attendance management provides real-time tracking and automated GPS locations. This helps manage alternative payment plans and provides all information in real time. These location data can be used to analyze use/misuse of in office or out of office physical locations.

Covid safety

Although most attendance management systems require cards, fingerprinting, etc, Smart Boss does not need any of such systems. Employees’ phone is used for the sign in and sign out and is locked to office location.


Inaccurate records can cost your organization a lot of money through overtime pay and can also violate labour laws, resulting in expensive legal defense and fines. Regulations require employers to keep track of attendance and, in the spirit of fairness, to pay their employees the necessary compensation for the excess hours worked. An attendance management system integrated into your payroll simplifies this process while making it seamless.