Unique Features of Smart Boss

What is Smart Boss?

Smart Boss is a Smart-Touchless-Attendance system that provides accurate attendance information. Smart Boss uses GPS based activation system. Smart Boss allows user to have freedom in sign in and sign out abilities. This means when your employees mark their attendance, they can do so only when they are in office. Once they are inside the premise, the app allows them to sign in, otherwise this App disables sign in ability.

Smart Boss Attendance System allows businesses to manage and track the hours worked at base and remote locations or job sites. Smart Boss is reliable, flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use and eliminates errors, deceptions and the need for paperwork and storage. Every Organization has a specific location, which is determined by the GPS. The location of an employee can be determined by Smart Boss.

Adapting to modern technology has proven to be not only effective time management, but also the power to change the way people feel at work.

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"Smart Boss" Touchless Attendance (COVID safe)

Attendance systems that rely on using fingerprint or other touch mechanisms during the Coronavirus pandemic, face difficult organizational challenges. Meeting their organization’s need for accurate employee work time recording while complying with social distancing regulations is not simple. Smart Boss touchless connectivity solution using employees’ mobile phones answers these challenges allowing for adherence to coronavirus-era public health safety regulations.
Instead of tapping a personal employee code ID or placing a finger or hand on a biometric attendance reader, Smart Boss solution relies only on the users’ mobile phones, GPS location and Employer’s QR code.

Increase workers’ productivity providing an efficient attendance management system.

Enables the employer/HR manager to have full control of all employees working hours.

Reduce labour costs by reducing over-payments, interpretation error and intentional error.

Use Smart Boss for field workers, sales personnel, off site workers and regular office staff.

Manual processes are also eliminated. No staff needed for manual work

Ensures compliance with labour regulations by interpreting regulations into Smart Boss.

Be smart. Start using "Smart Boss" today

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