What is Smart Boss?

Smart Boss is a Smart-Touchless-Attendance system that provides accurate attendance information. Smart Boss uses GPS based activation system. Smart Boss allows user to have freedom in sign in and sign out abilities. This means when your employees mark their attendance, they can do so only when they are in office. Once they are inside the premise, the app allows them to sign in, otherwise this App disables sign in ability.

Smart Boss Attendance System allows businesses to manage and track the hours worked at base and remote locations or job sites. Smart Boss is reliable, flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use and eliminates errors, deceptions and the need for paperwork and storage. Every Organization has a specific location, which is determined by the GPS. The location of an employee can be determined by Smart Boss.

Adapting to modern technology has proven to be not only effective time management, but also the power to change the way people feel at work.

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"Smart Boss" Why is this unique and COVID safe?

Touchless and Healthy

Touchless attendance products have been gaining popularity even before the Coronavirus outbreak. We expect this trend to accelerate perhaps due to fear of future contagions more so than the current pandemic. Every employee manages Smart Boss App on their mobile de vice. Using their own smart phone, employees can sign in when they reach specified GPS location (office). Similarly, they can sign out. Manager is alerted effectively and employee has access to a full detailed functionality. Smart boss delivers a healthy, efficient and effective system.

Seemingly versatile: Smart Boss can adapt to “work-from-home” culture

Have you come across an app that can adapt to a location sign-in? Smart Boss has solution for adaptation. Manager can define the “office location” in the App and allows the staff to work from home, considering “home” as the office. And manager has the ability to monitor employee’s location to efficiently manage the employee, such as from out of home distractions. These features are unique to Smart Boss and are highly useful during COVID outbreak situations. Employees are aware of the tracking system and we forecast better employee discipline and higher productivity.

Suitable for field workers

Smart Boss is well suited for sales managers, field service technicians and sales managers who can mark their presence at the office and then confirm their presence at the customer's site via their smartphone during a field service visit. Smart Boss can tracks a sales representative's visit by capturing the location as well as his login and logout records. With the existing features manager configures GPS presence markers for all employees or only for a group of employees at attendance plan level. This eliminates the possibility of falsifying the presence of employees remotely,

HR work made easy

Smart Boss is a smart, next generation and touchless attendance management system that makes processes effortless and provides a seamlessly integrated system for your business. It has inbuilt HRM needs of a company such as Time Management, Training, and Development, Attendance Management, leave management, employee mobility, geo tracking system and GPS location mapping and analysis and handling employee information.